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PostSubject: New Members   New Members I_icon_minitimeSat 10 May 2008, 11:17 am

I am the founder of this forum. Most will recognize me as kyle18busch on nascar community. I am a diehard kyle busch fan. I also like many other drivers as well & LOVE to watch them race. I want every member to know that even though i'm a kb fan you are more than welcome to talk about any driver that you like. Feel free to create fun things & discuss whatever tickles your fancy (let me know if I need to make an enclosed separate room for this).

As we all know, it's not a fantasy island being a kyle fan & the community is just filled with hatred & idiots..........which is why I made this place. I am completely aware when kyle makes mistakes or done something wrong but I sure don't need any idiots telling me their hateful version of it. & I'm sure that if you're here as a member, I do not believe you to be one of them but in the event if he happens to totally pee you off & you feel the need to completely bash him, then I ask that you take that to the community blogs :).......& we in turn will do the same if your driver happens to make us mad :). Except for drinas boy jr ;) lol j/k drina.....

You're more than welcome to invite your friends & have some fun with us. Please use your invite with discretion. Please feel free to send me a message if you want something added on here...a new category or ideas..........
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